S H E  I S

The sartorial tradition inherited from her family, handed down to her the secret language of clothes.

Mariaelena grew up, in her Rome, breathing creativity, love for beauty and crafts.

The afternoons spent on the veranda with grandma Elena, who had no limits in creating beautiful garments with any type of fabric.

The time spent with her Aunt Ida, a wise embroiderer, and the air breathed in at home, furnished by her mother Marina; a colorful home enriched by hundreds of paintings and sculptures.

The stylistic adventure began in the family wardrobes, a magical casket, a source of inspiration where forgotten clothes have found a voice, reinterpreted by creative suggestions.

The common thread is the love of women for women; each garment has a story to tell, a heritage to safeguard and a future to explore.

"Everything is subject to change". This is the belief that Mariaelena proclaims proud.


Objects in general can have a second chance of use, take on new shapes, intriguing and mysterious.

Sprightly and watchful eyes those of Mariaelena, who transfers faces, colors, environments, places and different cultures into her creations.

These intertwining of experiences, which one carries within, are transformed every day into an almost spasmodic search for new textures and ideas, through which to free one's creative imagination and shape one's curiosity.

A woman in color, with a gypsy soul and Italian elegance.